The drugs can be looked up
via one of several options including
the Main index, Generic names,
Trade names, and Pharmacologic
classification index.

There are also special section on
newly approved FDA drugs
and Off market and Natural/herbal index.

The appendixes include a variety of
useful tables such as immunizations, drug
calculations, pediatric fluid calculations and
several others.

Things we'd like to see in future
versions are:
-- Built-in drug dose calculators
-- Drug to drug interactions generator
Davis Drug Guide - Unbound Medicine - PPC
Last Reviewed on February 11, 2009

  • Unbound Medicine's Davis Drug Guide delivers up-to-date, comprehensive,
    and practical information on over 5,000 trade name and generic drugs.
  • This powerful app contains everything you need including information on
    dosing and administration, safety, patient teaching, and much more.
  • The solution is also available on the web and on any other mobile device,
    native and wireless.
  • The website is which can be accessed from a desktop or
    any mobile device with Internet connection
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