Dynamed - Antimicrobials
The antimicrobials are
adequately classified See Left.

Each Antibiotic is detailed
thoroughly with live links to
updates and guidelines and
adequate pediatric dosage
information See Right.

What's really missing here
is a built-in dosage calculator.
Dynamed - Antimicrobials
Dynamed - Antimicrobials
Last Reviewed on May 21, 2008

  • Acquired by EBSCO the leading publishing company in online information and
    database Dynamed presents a revolution in the way we access medical
  • This huge database of medical information is available for the PDA in addition
    to its online existence.
  • The Drugs sections of Dynamed is extensive and includes a sufficiently long
    list of antimicrobials classified into categories.
  • Each drug is detailed with everything from brand names to side effects to
    indications and to most importantly a brilliant pediatric (sometimes even
    neonatal) dosage information.
  • The Dynamed drug database stands as one of the most complete lists
    available for the pediatricians' handhelds.
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