Dynamed Drugs
This is one of the most detailed
drug databases ever available
for the handheld.

Everything is covered including;
indications, contraindications,
dosages, brands, pharmacology, SE,
cautions, risk groups,
interactions, and others.

Not only that but also links to recent
studies and research and
notifications from the FDA!
All updated info.
Dynamed Drugs
Dynamed - Drugs
Last Reviewed on May 21, 2008

  • Acquired by EBSCO the leading publishing company in online information and
    databse Dynamed presents a revolution in the way we access medical
  • This huge database of medical information is available for the PDA in addition
    to its online existence.
  • The Drugs sections of Dynamed is extensive and include almost all the
    medications that we may look up at the bedside.
  • Although targeted towards family physicians this PDA software contains
    excellent drug database with specific pediatric dosages that can be useful to
    any pediatrician in practice.
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