pediatric pda application in clinical practice pediatricians find categorized reviews of handheld software and programs that are useful in bedside pediatrics antibiotic regimens
  • One of the useful Epocrates Tables is the Antibiotic Regimens.
  • Although still in its early stages with only three regimens this tool is really
    needed when we need to remember the inherently forgettable endocarditis
    prophylaxis and treatment of H pylori.
  • Epocrates Tables comes free with Epocrates Essentials                                
    and Epocrates Deluxe packages.
Epocrates Tables / Antiobiotic Regimens
Epocrates Tables Antiobiotic Regimens
The home page is
just a list of the three
regimens of which two
are pediatric related.
The example (See right) is
showing the AHA 1997
recommendation for
endocarditis prophylaxis
in children.
Of note, is the H. pylori
treatment is not pediatric
specific and is not linked
to the
Rx application so we
can not check the pediatric dose and
therefore is useless.
Check emedicine pediatric
drug look up for complete
description of H. Pylori eradication
Epocrates Tables Endocarditis Prophylaxis
Last Reviewed on August 29, 2006
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