The Harriet Lane Formulary
is exceptionally easy to
use and brilliantly designed.

We just wished to see these
wonderful drug monographs to
be linked from the respective pages
of the other portions
of the Harriet Lane.

If you have
other Skyscape titles installed
on your iPhone or iPod Touch then
these are certainly linked from the
drugs section of Harriet Lane
via Skyscape lovely SmartLink.
Harriet Lane - Skyscape - Formulary
Last Reviewed on January 2, 2009

  • The new Harriet Lane from Skyscape sports an excellent pediatric drug list
    with all dosages and indications.
  • In fact this book has been originally recognized for its magnificent easy to
    use formulary list.
  • Updated with all the drugs that we may ever use on the bedside and each
    drug comes with its own built-in calculator.
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