Lovely Unbound Medicine interface with right
upper cross linking icon but here it's linking mainly
to the
Pediatric Lexi Drugs and it should have been
also cross linked to the
Quick reference
co-residing in the same platform.

Adequate short and succinct information
about each antimicrobial.
Pediatric Care Online - Antimicrobial Therapy
Last Reviewed on October 24, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews

  • This section of PCO is basically an extract from the AAP Textbook of Pediatric
    Care, what's extracted is a focused guide on all the antimicrobials commonly
    used in clinical pediatrics.
  • Wonderful integration into PCO so that you are linked to the antibiotic when
    it is needed.
  • Classified into drugs, infections, drug classes, and all topics index.
  • This has complemented the other resources already packed in this great
    resource from the AAP.
  • For more details of the main program click the yellow link upper left.
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