Lovely Unbound Medicine platform
and easy "Jump To" search box.

The therapeutic categories are not properly listed e.g we
have only budesonide and formeterol in the beta
agonist category and only albuterol in the
bronchodilator category!

As seen here on the left the links to external resources
and algorithms are completely missing and they
just mention check it online!

Also unlinked is the references to the
recent drug alerts.

As with
Lexi Suite a built-in dosing calculator is highly needed
and a drug interactions analyzer would be
a wonderful addition to this resource.
Pediatric Care Online - Pediatric Drugs
Last Reviewed on October 24, 2008

  • The Rx component of the Pediatric Care Online is simply a modified version of
    The Pediatric Lexi Drugs included here to enrich what's meant to be an all-in-
    one application.
  • The Lexi database is somewhat less detailed than what we see in the
    original application [40 fields of information while here its only sixteen for
    each drug but this is fair enough at the point of care].
  • Even better here it has some extra features namely the therapeutic
    categories, and some special topics and what seems to be an extended list
    of medications.
  • Adequately cross linked to the POC Quick reference.
  • For more details of the whole application see yellow link upper left.
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