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Pedisuite - ABX Wizard
The Wizard starts with a
complete list of the conditions
covered (See Left).

Tapping on these takes us
to the recommendations
where even antibiotic
dosages are tailored according
to the weight of choice.

Wished to see antibiotic
prophylactic regimen not only
Pedisuite - ABX Wizard
  • Just another great wizard of Pedisuite is the ABX i.e antibiotics.
  • These are simple but precise and specific recommendations for empirical
    antibiotic treatments in common pediatric conditions such as otitis media,
    pneumonia, cellulitis, ...etc.
  • One noted here is the lack of appropriate mentioning of the references with
    each recommendation though it's mentioned for all the wizards and in some
    cases the recommendation need to be updated.
  • It could have been much better if Dr. Fraser added the prophylaxis and not
    only the treatments.
  • In a nutshell this is one of the best empiric antibiotic decision tools for the PDA.
Last Reviewed on February 28, 2008
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Pedisuite - ABX wizard
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