Unfortunately the lay out is not as easy
as the other Medical Wizards titles for example the
home button does not take us always home.

There is no built-in drug dose calculator.

The dosage field is not the default in drug entries.

The information seems to be infrequently updated for example
the CDC immunization schedule is that of 2004. The original
handbook is available in only one
edition so far.

Some editorial errors noted such as no injectable
steroids in the appendix, only oral and topical!
Prentice Hall Pediatric Drug Guide
Last Reviewed on March 24, 2009

  • This handbook has been made available for the PDA from Medical Wizards.
  • It includes nursing implications and instructions to children families and so it
    has been popular among pediatric nurses.
  • The ebook sports 500+ entries of commonly encountered pediatric
    medications with detailed dosages and drug information.
  • The original paper book can be purchased from Amazon.
  • Some useful appendices are also included such as pregnancy categories,
    immunizations, and drug classes.
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