Ever wondered what antibiotic to use against Gram
positive organisms or ever thought what could be the
best empirical therapy in osteomyelitis? Puzzle no more,
The Sanford Guide will answer these questions for you
on the fly and at the point of care.

Pediatric doses and immunizations are included and tons
of infectious disease information with Palm, Blackberry
and Windows Mobile versions.

Recently, the inter linking feature added by USBMIS
has made it even more valuable by inter linking
to other USBMIS resources.
Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy
Last Reviewed on April 3, 2009

  • This popular infectious disease reference has been there since 1969 and it is
    one of the most trusted resources among ID specialists.
  • USBMIS has transformed that popular book into an electronic product that is
    so easy and fun to use and where we can get what we want in a matter of
  • This is the most comprehensive antimicrobial reference that we can ever
    have on the PDA.
  • With yearly updates and CDC and WHO references this is a must-have PDA
    product which we should all carry with us.
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