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BNFC 2007
The intention is to make an exact
copy of the print edition so that
users will not feel familiar to
the book that they have
been using for years.

The sections, the chapters, the
text everything is the same
+ the advantages of a digital
ebook where links are live
and search is accomplished
within seconds.
BNFC 2007
Skyscape's BNFC - 2008
Last Reviewed on January 2, 2008
The Pediatric PDA Blog

  • Now that UK physicians will no longer carry that small handbook in their
    white pockets, Instead they will be carrying PDAs with Skyscape's BNF on
  • The British National Formulary (BNF) is the most famous drug reference in the
    United Kingdom and perhaps in Commonwealth countries as well.
  • This 2008 edition has many updates and changes compared to 2007.
  • Much to our happiness they also offered the PDA version through           
  • The collaborative work of many official institutions including the RCPCH makes
    this book an authority and a mother reference for UK peds.
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