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Clinical Xpert - Drugs
Drugs can be looked up by
generic or trade name or by
drug class (see left).

Each drug is detailed with a long
list of sections such as names,
dose, how supplied,
pharmakokinetics, ...etc.

The pediatric dosage is included
and it's classified by indications.

However it is a great mistake
not to link the drugs to other
sections of the Xpert and there is
an urgent of a built-in calculator.
Clinical Xpert - Drugs
Last Reviewed on March 24, 2008
Pda4peds Reviews
  • The Clinical Xpert PDA solution features the popular Micromedex drug
    database presenting a huge pharmolocological reference packed into our
  • Each drug is thoroughly detailed with comprehensive unabridged information.
  • Not only drugs but also alternative medicines.
  • This is one of the best pharma references that we could ever have in our PDA.
  • The information is updated regularly and updates syncs seamlessly
    whenever the device is docked.
  • Although the calculators are there but they are unlinked to the drugs section!
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Clinical Xpert - Drugs
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