Bright Futures (Unbound Medicine)
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Bright Futures (Unbound Medicine)
Bright Futures
by Unbound Medicine
Last Reviewed on March 5, 2008

  • The latest 3rd edition of the Bright Futures of the AAP is available for the PDA
    thanks to Unbound Medicine.
  • This is a great credible evidence-based textbook written by experts and
    devoted for children health care supervision and protection.
  • Ever wondered what to do for a well child visit at a particular age! ever
    forgot the necessary anticipatory guidance at given age! ever wished to
    know how to guide the family on how to maintain the well-being of their
    child! Well here it is all in the Bright Futures guidelines.
  • The ebook include the full text guidelines + the pocket guide brilliantly inter-
    linked with each other.
  • Also categorized in References
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