Kidometer Tanner Stages (male)
We do forget
Tanner's stages all
the time isn't it.
It could have been much
better if we see pictures
or at least illustrations
to facilitate understanding
of these stages.
All male Tanner's stages
(See Left) and female
Tanner's stages (
See Right)
are included here.
Kidometer Tanner Stages (female)
Kidometer - Tanner's Stages
Last Reviewed on May 22, 2007
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  • This is a chapter of the Kidometer program.
  • It provides short monographs explaining the various Tanner                          
    stages of pubertal maturation.
  • Very useful to remember these usually forgettable criteria.
  • It also includes some important laboratory endocrine normal values but  a
    longer list is available from the program's Endo Labs chapter.
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