Epocrates Tables
Monitoring the level of consciousness
can be very important in intensive care units,
and we always forget the way
we should score the verbal points
in children and infants!
The big drawback here is that this
not a calculator
but rather just a text explanation and
Archimedes Glasgow Coma Scale
developed by Skyscape is much more useful.

  • Among other tools provided in the Tables of Epocrates comes the Glasgow
    Coma Scale.
  • A short text reference that indicates the way points should be calculated in
    pediatric GCS.
  • Epocrates Tables comes free with Epocrates Rx Pro and Epocrates Essentials
  • This program is also categorized in the Neurology category.
Epocrates Tables - Glasgow Coma Scale
Last Reviewed on June 11, 2007
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