Epocrates Tables
Part of neonatal daily
activities is the neonatal
resuscitation and here comes
Epocrates once again as
an invaluable company
during bedside and on call activities.
As shown here, the reference
comes from the latest AHA
guidelines published in Circulation.
Epocrates Tables - Neonatal Resuscitation
Last Reviewed on June 18, 2007

  • Among other tools provided in the Tables of Epocrates comes the neonatal
    resuscitation monograph.
  • A short and concise resuscitation guidelines for quick review in NICU.
  • The text is written in an easy to follow step by step format.
  • Epocrates Tables comes free with Epocrates Rx Pro and Epocrates Essentials
  • This is part of the wider PALS topic available from Epocrates Tables.
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