Kidometer Resuscitation (drugs and tubes)
The lovely age
customization of Kidometer
is applied here as well.
All important drugs
are mentioned and
even the DC shock
Joule dose (See Left).
One might argue
that it would have been better to
make it weight customizable
sizes and doses but
another might disagree and
say this is what we see in ER,
patients with ages and the
weight is not measured yet!
The references are
mentioned in the info
page (See Right).
Kidometer Resuscitation
Kidometer - Resuscitate
Last Reviewed on May 14, 2007

  • This is a chapter of the Kidometer program.
  • Certainly useful to remember the recommended tube sizes and drug doses
    when it comes to ER cases.
  • This is just like your electronic personal Barslow Tape!
  • Once again they need to update to the new AHA 2006 recommendations  
    though nothing much changed as far as doses and equipments.
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