Clinical Xpert - ER Calculator
When you look at the title
of this calculator title you may
think that we are going to see
all sorts of ER guidelines and
charts to treat various PALS
scenarios but then we are
surprised to see simple drug
dose calculator which is
missing many drugs that we
use in ER!

Quite a
disappointing calc.
Clinical Xpert - ER Calculator
Last Reviewed on June 8, 2008

  • One of the calculators in the Clinical Xpert is this one which calculates the
    dosage of an emergency medication according to weight.
  • Apart from defibrillation this is just a simple drug calculator.
  • The dosing calculator is just a smaller portion of this calculator.
  • This review is also categorized in Calculators & Tools.
Clinical Xpert - Emergency Drugs Calculator
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