ARUP Consult - AvantGo Channel
Lab tests can be searched
either via disease or
simply by topic (index).

The fantastic algorithm
model is unfortunately unclickable
on this AvantGo Channel
and hopefully developers
will fix this issue soon.

Unfortunately no pediatric
reference ranges for
common tests.
ARUPconsult - AvantGo Channel
ARUPconsult AvantGo Channel
Last Reviewed on May 5, 2008
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  • ARUP laboratories a service from the University of Utah have made their
    excellent reference available for the PDA.
  • The reference is very useful at the bedside as it is centered around diseases
    rather than lab tests which is very practical when it comes to patients
  • The Avantgo channel loads fairly quickly with simple interface, feedback link,
    frequent updates and the Avantgo software is compatible even with
  • Best of all, the service is absolutely Free with no need for registration even.
  • For pediatricians this reference may not seem very attractive first because of
    the general medical nature of it but in fact browsing deeply into the contents
    reveals a good amount of pediatric                                                        
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