Bilitool Calculator
The main page is where we
can input the age and bilirubin
level and the result page details
the lower, medium, and high
risk categories. See Left

The Bilitool is sufficiently clear
about the references so that
we are aware of source of
the results obtained. See Right
Bilitool Info & References
Last Reviewed on October 3, 2007

  • The name is highly indicative of the function, it is really a bilirubin tool.
  • The program is a good replacement of that famous AAP nomogram posted in
    almost every neonatal unit.
  • Bilitool simply gather the 2004 guidelines, the nomogram, and the risk factors
    together and calculates the estimated risk and tells us whether we should
    start phototherapy or not in a very simple Palm based interface made freely
    available and recommended by the AAP's COCIT.
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