Epocrates Rx
Epocrates Rx
Epocrates Rx
The simple
yet comprehensive
drug database is outstanding.
Drugs can be looked up
by name (which can be
generic or trade name) or
even by drug class.
When you select
one of the drugs you
will find information more
than enough at
the point of care.
Dosing is found in
both adult and peds
dosing with many
other monographs as
shown above.
The default page
can be allocated
to peds dosing
which let us go to
what we want
directly saving
more time.
Tapping on the small magnifier
lens seen in the lower bar in
the first picture will open what is
shown here and that is
another very useful
function that allows finding
information according to
categories like indications, contra
indications, side effects, and
others. Therefore one can
look up the list of drugs that are
contraindicated in a
specific medical illness
or the list of drugs that
can result in a
specific adverse reaction!
To our knowledge
no other drug program out
there incorporates such
a high level functionality.
Epocrates Rx & Rx Pro
Last Reviewed on May 25, 2008
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  • One of the earliest programs ever available for physicians and continued to
    be the most commonly used and applied in pediatric practice.
  • The drug index is remarkable with over 3300 names to look up.
  • Not only drugs but also vaccines and alternative medicines (Rx Pro only) are
  • The program can be installed as a standalone or within the Epocrates
    Essentials bundle (recommended).
  • Most US insurance formularies are available for download. But unfortunately
    they recently removed their support for international brand names (Read this
  • It has to be said that the free version of Rx is undoubtedly enough and up to
    the task of finding a drug information with free automatic updates.
  • The dosing monograph not only present doses according to age and weight
    but displays different doses in various diseases and indications as well. Also
    included is an integrated calculator to determine dosages in volumes and
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