• Medical Eponyms is one of the rare eponyms dedicated programs.
  • Very nicely categorized into systems and syndromes, signs, procedures...etc.
  • Unfortunately no pediatric category!
  • This is much improved over the previous version.
  • The author Andrew J Yee has recently added a .pdf version for online viewing.
  • The Pocket PC version is available from SegueMD and Eponyms.net while the
    Palm version is available only from Eponyms.net.
Medical Eponyms
We wished to see cross
linking in between these
confusing eponyms like for
example there is Gordon
maneuver, Oppenheim's test,
and Chaddock's sign
all of them are defined in
medical eponyms but all
of them are variants
of Babinski's sign and it
would have been
much easier if they
were interlinked.
Medical Eponyms
Medical Eponyms
Last Reviewed on October 1, 2007
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