Merck Medicus Log In Window
Merck Medicus Synchronization
Merck Medicus Synchronization
As it is the case with all of Unbound Medicine titles, a pop up window (see upper left) on the desktop
asks for user name and password (or serial number in other titles) then the program will be synchronized
with the server (see upper middle) updating all the contents. In the latest version a wireless update
has been enabled which allows refreshing the content over the air (see upper right).
The program is also available as
wireless mobile website. You can also add the Merck Manual
and Harrison's Practice to the bundle free and for 27 MB memory only!
Merck Medicus
The Merck Medicus is a great
respository of resources
bundled in one platform.

All data will be updated upon
synchronization including
the news, the RSS feeds,
the journals, and even your
customized ewatch.

This is one of the must-have
programs for
every pediatrician.

We wish that in the future this mobile
application will be as powerful as the
online version of
Merck Medicus.
Merck Medicus
The Mobile Merck Medicus includes
several  applications and in order to
maintain categorized reviews each
module was reviewed separately.
Click on the links shown on the right to
see reviews of these modules.
Mobile Merck Medicus
Read reviews of the various sections
Reuters Medical News
Medline Journals
Merck Manual
Pocket Guide to Dxtic Tests
Also TheraDoc provided free for Merck Medicus users.
Last Reviewed on March 12, 2008

  • The Mobile Merck Medicus is a collection of very useful clinical tools which are
    all packed in a single platform with a great Unbound Medicine simple
  • The good thing about is that it is free, but unfortunately only for US licensed
  • All of the sections can be fully customized through the online account giving
    us the option to choose which journals, which news, which RSS feeds we
    would like to receive!
  • The new version includes an icon for wireless update which is a great
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