• This is the all-in-one PDA solution of Thomson Health Care
  • Free for Micromedex and PDR.net subscribers to which most                        
    hospitals are subscribed.
  • This is a repository of multiple tools and applications which  can seriously
    compete with Epocrates Essentials.
  • Read separate reviews below.
  • Automatically updates itself when the device synced.
  • Easy to use interface with optional font size.
  • This is one of the best PDA applications that can ever be used by physicians.
Clinical Xpert
Clinical Xpert
Clinical Xpert
Although Xpert is not pediatric specific but we can find many pediatric content within. Childhood diseases such as
febrile seizures and bronchiolitis are reviewed nicely and pediatric dosages are also included. Three font sizes and
adequately linked home page where all sections can be accessed easily.
The Xpert includes several  
applications and in order to maintain
categorized reviews each module was
reviewed separately.
Click on the links shown on the right to
see reviews of these modules.
Clinical Xpert
Last Reviewed on April 10, 2008
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Reviews of the different components of Clinical Xpert
Lab Advisor
Disease Database
Drug Interactions
General Pediatric
Custom Search
Pediatric Specialty
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