Epocrates - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Resource
The links to the already
available reviews of GIT diseases
and symptoms needs to
be improved.

The scientific abstracts
and the conference
highlights are great.

The links to external resources
are dead! need to
be live links.
Epocrates - Chronic Constipation
Epocrates Mobile Resource Centers
IBS & Chronic Constipation
Last Reviewed on August 11, 2008

  • Another great specific resource from Epocrates.
  • This time is helpful for gastroenterologists where the resource is all about
    irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation.
  • Although it's not really pediatric but there is a lot of information that is nice to
    read by pediatric GITists as shown down.
  • As with all other resources this center is also provided for free for Epocrates
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