Epocrates Tables
Part of our daily
practice is to check whether
the vital signs we are
looking at are actually
normal or not.
Make a wish to get it better;
of course we want a better
interface to enter patient
data and an output
richer in information like
growth parameters.
Although we should remember
Epocrates MedMath
provides calculators
of body mass index, body surface
areas (See Right) , and
ideal body weight.
Epocrates MedMath (body surface area and BMI)
Epocrates Tables  - Normal Vital Signs
The Pediatric PDA Blog
Last Reviewed on November 17, 2006

  • Among other tools provided in the Tables of Epocrates comes the Normal
    Vital Signs.
  • This is undoubtedly needed in pediatric practice and Epocrates made it quite
    easy to look up but unfortunately it's unlike Kidometer there is no way by
    which we enter age and sex to get the full vitals data.
  • This monograph incorporates reliable data (referenced from Harriet Lane and
    Harrisons) starting from the first day of life right through adolescence and
  • Epocrates Tables comes free with Epocrates Rx Pro and also Epocrates
    Essentials package.
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