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Wonderful information at
the bedside.
Every little normal value you need to know
when reading pediatric EKGs all in centiles of upper normal!
Not infrequently we encounter the question; is this normal?

Now with this excellent program you may keep the cardiologist asleep!
No more confusion and no more complex hard to remember
formulas when we want to ascertain the presence of
ventricular hypertrophy or a prolonged
PR interval! The reference of these values is the third
edition of "How to read pediatric ECGs".
Kidometer - EKG
Last Reviewed on October 25, 2006
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  • This is a chapter of the Kidometer program where we find normal values for
    the various EKG parameters.
  • Measures included are:
  1. The PR interval (adjusted to heart rate)
  2. The QRS axis
  3. The QRS duration
  4. P, R, and S wave amplitude
  5. And the Corrected QT (QTc) interval
  • All customized to the age of patient in years and months!
  • This is a secret weapon when it comes to reading EKGs.