Epocrates ID (classification)
The screenshots on the left shows
how nicely organized and classified is
the approach to infectious diseases
whereby we can look up information by
system affected, microorganism, or
antimicrobial. Even classes of drugs
and bugs can be looked up.

Looking at the right screenshot we see
two examples of ID topics in children
osteomyelitis and bacterial meningitis
in neonates.
Each topic divided into empiric Rx
(extremely useful), specific Rx, other
info and also a note that we can write
about a specific infectious disease.
References are given at the end and
they seem to be carefully selected.
Epocrates ID (examples)
Epocrates ID (searching by bug/drug class)
On the left we see another excellent
feature which further confirms that
Epocrates is designed by physicians is
the ability to which antibiotics cover a
certain bug. This is usually missing
from pharma books and we always
wish to have our old microbiology
lecture notes again!

On the right we included few examples
of missing pediatric topics in Epocrates
ID such as no UTI coverage or no
chlamydia pneumonia or chlamydia
conjunctivitis or no indications of
amoxicillin in children's UTI! We really
wish that they'll expand their pediatric
ID database.
Epocrates ID (missing pediatric info)
Epocrates ID
Last Reviewed on August 2, 2007
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  • Just another gift from Epocrates, the Epocrates ID.
  • The application comes free within the Epocrates bundle such as Epocrates
    Essentials and Epocrates Essentials Deluxe.
  • This is one of the most useful infectious disease reference that we may ever
    have on our PDAs.
  • Hundreds of topics organized by systems, bugs, and drugs. All presented in a
    short succinct format designed for quick and easy look up at the bedside.
  • Ever wondered what empiric therapy is appropriate for infective endocarditis
    or have you ever been questioned which specific antimicrobials are effective
    against Klebsiella or even adenovirus! Voilà, they are there.
  • Missing features include less pediatric content than we wished and the
    absence of linking to Epocrates Dx, so for example you will see something
    about bronchiolitis here but it is unlinked to the more detailed bronchiolitis
    topic found in Dx.
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