Last Reviewed on March 29, 2009
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  • Written by the same author of the popular OutBreakID, this software
    represents the ultimate PDA approach towards differential diagnosis.
  • Based on Control of Communicable Disease Manual, it sports a myriad of all
    encountered infectious microbes and their respective diseases.
  • A super fast search by disease or by symptoms and delivering a list of
    possible causes.
  • Not pediatric specific, however it is still very useful in any infectious disease
    setting including children.
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The brilliant design is coupled with accurate and complete
listing of the possible diseases that are caused by all
or any of the symptoms entered.

However, the alphabetical listing of the DDx may
not seem practical and we'd wish to see the list ranked
from commonest to rarest.

and there are several areas that the product can be
enhanced such as actual linking to other USBMIS titles
[interlinking did not work] and adding age specification
and lab values to the parameters that we enter
to arrive at a ddx list.