Red Book from Skyscape
The left screenshot displays the
familiar Skyscape interface where
information can be looked up either
from the table of contents or from the

Highly detailed infectious disease

The only problem is the missing
interactive vaccines table which does
not fit into the small PDA screen.
Red Book from Skyscape
Last Reviewed on February 21, 2008
Red Book by Skyscape
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  • The latest edition of the bible of the infectious disease is available from
  • This ebook published by the AAP has long been the standards of pediatric
    infectious disease and luckily it is there on our handhelds.
  • As with other Skyscape titles the interface is easy to use and is cross linked
    to other installed titles from Skyscape.
  • The same book is also available from Unbound Medicine See Review  which
    also includes in categorized depth reviews of individual chapters.
  • The Red Book is also categorized in References & Ebooks category.
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