TheraDoc - Antibiotic Assistant
The antibiotic assistant (see left)
where patient's
characteristics entered
and the best possible
evidence based antibiotic is

Infection control and
antibiotics monographs
are also included (see right).
TheraDoc - Infection Control Reference
Last Reviewed on March 26, 2008
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  • TheraDoc is specialized in hospital infection control informatics and they
    provide a very handy PDA tool for free download.
  • The antibiotic assistant is perhaps the most patient-disease specific clinical
    decision tool ever available but unfortunately for 18+ patients only!
  • The infection control guidelines and precautions are great resources to have.
  • Antibiotic monographs which are easy to read with detailed info and also
    pediatric doses are also available.
  • This is one of the great infection control resources ever designed for the PDA.
  • This review is also categorized in Drug Guides category.
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