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Pocket Consult elsevier Journals
PocketConsult installs
itself as a news item
in the Mobipocket Reader.

On the left is the most important
pediatric journals found
in Elsevier Journals.

On the right is an
example of the
Journal of Pediatrics.
Pocket Consult Elsevier Journals
Elsevier Journals
  • PocketConsult also provides journal service tailored only to                        
    Elsevier published journals.
  • A number of pediatric journals can be found there the most                            
    famous of which is perhaps The Journal of Pediatrics.
  • These journals TOCs will be updated with each new issue                                 
    and conveniently found as a channel in the PocketConsult                              
  • Remember that although The Lancet is acquired by Elsevier                              
    but it is provided by another program for the PDA Read this Blog / Review to
    learn more.
  • Unfortunately, articles are only in titles and citation, no abstracts even which
    makes this service quite limited.
  • Even if you are subscribed to one of the journals you still do not get the
    contents when synchronized to the PocketConsult.
  • The list of journal can be selected and modified through the "My Account" page
    of the PocketConsult website.
Last Reviewed on August 21, 2006
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