pediatric pda application in clinical practice pediatricians find categorized reviews of handheld software and programs that are useful in bedside pediatrics pediatric journals on PDA
LWW Journals on PDA (selection of pediatric journals)
    A list of preselected
    pediatric titles (subscription for
    these journals is not needed)
    appears on the left and tapping
    on these journals will open the
    list of articles of the latest issue
    (See Right).
    The platform is powered by
    Unbound Medicine and gives
    similar form factor to Merck
    Medicus and
    other titles from Unbound
    Missing features:
    1- wireless update.
    2- online article search.
    3- archives of past issues.
    4- full text articles for
LWW Journals On PDA (reading an abstract)
  • Lippincott Williams and Wilkins has partnered with Unbound                           
    Medicine to provide this service to conveniently enable us view                            
    the table of contents and article abstracts of all 200+ LWW journals.
  • The pediatric titles provided are numerous in addition of course to                      
    the famous LWW journals such as Academic Medicine, Circulation, AIDS,
    Neurology, and others.
  • The selection of articles can be made easily through their online registration.
  • Examples of pediatric relevant titles include Advances in Neonatal Care, Clinical
    Dysmorphology, Current Opinion in Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine,
    Pediatric Drugs, Pediatric Emergency Care, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal,
    Pediatric Physical Therapy, Pediatric Research, and more
LWW Journals On PDA
Last Reviewed on April 20, 2007
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