Merck Medicus - Medline Journals
There is a very long list of pediatric
journals that you can choose from and
here is an example of the most
popular journals (See Left).

Unfortunately even if you are
subscribed you won't be able to
retrieve the full text articles only
abstracts and some article only

The Medline search (See Right) is
powerful but unfortunately the results
are not displayed on the PDA but
rather you have to go to your online
account and check it from there (last 2
screenshots on the right are not PDA
Merck Medicus - Medline Journals
Merck Medicus - Medline Journals
Last Reviewed on March 20, 2008
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  • The Mobile Merck Medicus bundles a useful service that combines both
    retrieving table of contents and abstracts of Medline journals and also a
    facility to search the Medline right from our PDA.
  • Everything can be customized from the online account where we can choose
    the journals and even eWatch channels which can of course be specifically
  • The Unbound Medicine platform makes this Medline facility easy to use
    anytime and anywhere in addition to wireless update capability.
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