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  • Just another gift from Epocrates, the Epocrates Lab.
  • The application comes free within the Epocrates bundle such as Epocrates
    Essentials and Epocrates Essentials Deluxe.
  • One of the best laboratory reference look up software                               
    available for the pediatric handheld.
  • Everything we may need to look up is there.
  • Each test presented in details from basic information to                              
    pediatric specific reference ranges to costs and ICD codes.
  • Once again the amazing organization and classification of                         
    Epocrates is clearly evident in this piece of software.
Epocrates Lab (classification)
The test are classified and
organized by name or panel or
specimen type.
So we can directly what tests
are there in the CSF.

Panels are not only CBC and LFTs
but there are specific
panels like a complete
metabolic panel
(extremely useful in pediatrics).
Ever thought what tests
should we do for an
Ashkenazi Jewish child,
there is a special
Ashkenazi panel!
Epocrates Lab (nice panels)
Epocrates Lab (example of WBC count)
With every lab test there is a small (but sufficient) introduction
and information with links to relevant panels and synonyms.
The reference ranges are suitable for the pediatricians
as they are presented in age related changes of the ranges in
question. Conventional and SI units both mentioned.

The interpretation of the results displayed in high or low, positive
or negative with a differential diagnosis of the causes of each
appropriately linked to
Dx. Not only diseases but even medications
that may cause the aberrant result are mentioned with linking to
Rx monographs. Even spurious pseudo causes are there.

How to prepare and in which tube should you take
the sample is also mentioned.

Approximate US cost and even commonly associated ICD
codes are there with every lab test.

Finally a small note can be added should we need to.
Epocrates Lab
Last Reviewed on August 6, 2007
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