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  • Just another component of Thompson's rheumatology is the                            
    LAB info tab which is rheumatology specific.
  • Here we can find numerous laboratory tests with                                          
    definitions, indications, and a list of conditions where these                                  
    tests are positive, negative, high, or low.
  • Once again this program is primarily written for adult rheumatologists yet it
    contains considerable amount of information useful for the pediatrician.
Thompson's Rheumatology Labs
The left screenshot is
the home page of
the "LAB" tab where
we find an alphabetical list
of all important rheumatological
laboratory tests.
A common lab order
that we all use is shown
on the right screenshot,
this introductory monograph is
followed by table of causes of
Before reading this one
might never had an idea
where this test has
actually come from!
Thompson's Rheumatology (C reactive protein)
Thompson's Rheumatology - Labs
Last Reviewed on September 30, 2006
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