Lab Advisor - Clinical Xpert
Simple interface and
adequately linked to
disease database with
optional font size.

Normal references in
children are
also included.

LOINC codes for each test
are also included.
Lab Advisor - Clinical Xpert
  • Packed in the Clinical Xpert is the Lab Advisor which is a nice lab resource
    where we can look up all labs and tests with general info, normal references
    (including children ranges), how to collect and store, and also LOINC codes.
  • This program includes everything that we might need on the                            
    bedside but Procalcitonin blood level is missing!
  • Imaging and radiology tests are also missing.
  • Another shortage is the absence of Panels so you don't find                           
    CBC, LFT, or what to do in cystic fibrosis for example, but it is linked to the
    diseases database of the Xpert package in the indications section.
Last Reviewed on April 9, 2008
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Lab Advisor - Clinical Xpert
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