This is a compilation of drug doses plus some cardio math
plus some lab values and in addition a nice collection
of pediatric calculators.

The interface is simple and nice and quite
easy to navigate.

There's a great APGAR Score calculator that is even
better than those seen in Skyscape and Epocrates!

There are several enhancements needed such as a built-in dosage
calculators, cross linking, more info about each drug, some more
information about lab entries, the runtime environment should run
faster, and the app should be closed when we press the x!

However, for an app developed solely by an ICU
physician this is really amazing and future updates
may fix several of these shortcomings.

  • The Drugdoses app is based on the Drug Doses booklet written by Frank
    Shann and is widely known in Australia.
  • The PDA app is developed by another ICU physician Dr. Oliver Karam, Canada
  • It's a simple little app combining drug doses with some useful pediatric
    calculators [PedCalc] and normal lab values for the price of $20.
  • The PedCalc can be can be downloaded alone for free.
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Last Reviewed on March 18, 2009
This review was contributed in part by Paul Fullerton