Epocrates AutoUpdate
Epocrates Essentials
Epocrates Wireless AutoUpdate
Auto Update:
a beautiful function of
Epocrates makes everything

All drug monographs
and alerts are constantly updated
whenever you synchronize your
device whether when the device is
docked or even wirelessly.
The "my" tab has made
navigation and access to
whats needed
tremendously easy.
This home will allow
access to most
of the installed
features of the
Essentials package.
The subscription
based essentials is far less
costy ($150/yr) than the combined
prices of each of it's components
As it is shown above,
the Auto Update feature is not only
when we synchronize but also
available wirelessly for devices with
internet connections such as WiFi.
This is extremely useful and avoid
the need for a desktop.
The essentials program allows for
memory management with the option
of storing Rx, Sx, and Dx to an
expansion card saving up to 5 MB of
precious main memory.
Epocrates Essentials
The Epocrates Essentials includes
several  applications that can be
useful for the pediatrician and because
Pda4peds reviews applications in
categories each component is
reviewed separately in its own
Click on the links shown here to see
reviews of these different tools
Last Reviewed on February 10, 2008
  • The Epocrates Essentials bundles a list of program functions together in one
    place, so complete to the extent that many peds have only Epocrates in their
    PDA! Check out this poll
  • Epocrates markets components separately as well, but it is the Essentials
    package that really distinguished the company.
  • The program is outstanding and represents an explosion in the field of
    medical handheld solutions.
  • This is definitely an all-in-one solution that is very useful at the point of care.
  • The addition of a coder and a dictionary resulted in another bit more
    expensive package, the Epocrates Essentials Deluxe.
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