This is a combination of an excellent drug reference
+ short summaries of diseases + pediatric calculators +
laboratory references + figures + color plates +
DDx info + acute care monographs
and algorithms.

The reference integrates itself appropriately
with the other Skyscape titles installed via
Skyscape's SmartLink technology.

Indexed by title, drug, and TOC makes finding
our answers quicker than ever in a fashion very
similar to the print edition that we all used to
carry in the pediatric wards.

The new 18th edition has been named " A Manual for
Pediatric House Officers " and truly it is.
Harriet Lane - Skyscape

  • The Harriet Lane Handbook print edition was historically famous among
    residents and peds simply because they could find quick answers at the
    bedside, imagine when you have a digital Skyscape copy!
  • This is undoubtedly one of the best references that we can ever have and it
    might be sufficient alone.
  • The interface and the rich content and the easy navigation makes it a must-
    have pediatric application.
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The Harriet Lane includes several  
applications and in order to maintain
categorized reviews each part was
reviewed separately.
Click on the links shown on the right to
see reviews of these components.
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Last Reviewed on December 5, 2008