When the program
    open it shows the KidNorms as the
    home page and the lower tool bar
    allows selection of
    the other two programs.
     The program was basically written for the
    Palm platform but the PocketPC interface works
    flawlessly when the AppForge client is installed.
     Like the Kidometer everything we need to recall when it
    comes to age related differences is there all in single
    easy to navigate platform.
    Kidcompanion program is the absence of references and
    sources from which the information was taken!
Last Reviewed on October 14, 2006
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  • This is basically a combination of three programs together (KidNorms,
    KidDose and KidCard) developed from Medical Data Solutions.
  • The programs are all age customizable normal values of different fields
    combined with drug look up facility.
  • The problem is that it has not been updated since November 2004.
  • The other problem is that for Windows Mobile version we need to download
    AppForge CrossFire Client which is no longer available as Appforge was
    acquired by Oracle.
  • The developer still mention about KidPack which is a smaller combination of
    KidNorms and KidDose only but we could not find a place to download or
    purchase the pack!
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