The Kidometer includes several  
chapters that can be useful for the
pediatrician and these are
reviewed in different
pda4peds categories
Click on the links to see reviews of
these different chapters
Kidometer (The different chapters)
Kidometer (age selection)
Kidometer (Anticipatory guidance)
In this screenshot
we can see the easy
one interface to access all contents,
a drop down menu on the right
upper corner let us choose from the
various chapters included which are
all age customizable at the bottom
bar where we can select by year or
month, male or female.
Not only we enter ages as shown left
but even we can just input the date
of birth of our patients and their ages
will be calculated conveniently
even if they were born prematures!
The whole platform can be
customized into English or Metric
units with the option of checking SI
units in the case of lab values.
Certainly one of the highly
customizable programs.
Above is an example of
one of the chapters "Anticipatory
Guidance" where we chose a 5-year
and 4-months Male child and his
anticipatory measures where
Also tapping on the (i)nfo
icon above will display
information about the source.

  • This is a wonderful program offered from Riley Hospital that gives normal
    values and expected developmental milestones at all pediatric ages and sex
    let it be growth parameter or a lab result.
  • A fully functional 14 days trial is available which is a great advantage.
  • The major disadvantage is that it is only available for the Palm platform but if
    you use Windows Mobile PDA then there are good news for you [read this
    blog entry]
  • Perhaps Kidcompanion is easier to navigate but Kidometer is a larger
    program with more parameters and information.
  • Both Kidometer and Kidcompanion are compared here.
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Last Reviewed on October 14, 2006
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