The Lexi Pediatric Suite includes
several  applications and in order to
maintain categorized reviews each
part was reviewed separately.
Click on the links shown on the right to
see reviews of these components.
Lexi Pediatric Suite
Lexi Pediatric Suite
Lexi Pediatric Suite
The major application is
the pediatric Lexi drugs
coupled with a very
useful interaction checker.

Also shown above the
convenient linking tab which
can link all of the installed
Lexi titles on a given device.
The 5 minutes pediatric
consult is a gold standard and a
great quick reference and
makes the Lexi suite
a complete pediatric
repository in our pocket.

Also shown above the
useful history tab so that
we can quickly access
what we have looked
up recently.
The number of pediatric
calculators is sufficient in
addition to a poisoning and
toxicology reference.

Also shown above is the smart
linking of a highlighted
keyword [ the example shows
acetaminophen level] in
a particular reference
to be crossed searched
in the other Lexi references.
Lexi Pediatric Suite
Last Reviewed on September 24, 2008

  • The pediatric suite from the highly trusted Lexi-Comp is a compilation of a
    great drug reference + an interaction tool + a long list of useful clinical
    calculators + a poisoning and toxicology app + the 5 minutes pediatric
    consult + detailed lab and diagnostics, what else we want!
  • This 15 MB of memory represents the ultimate resource and is outstandingly
    useful and easy to use at the pediatric bedside.
  • Lexi have thoughtfully created this PDA reference to be the digital sister of
    their famous print handbook The Pediatric Dosage Handbook.
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