The wireless update is very useful feature recently
added to most of Unbound Medicine titles.

The grouping of these three resources is appropriately equipped
with a cross linking right upper opposing arrows which let us
cross find the information, for example if we are reading the Crying
article in the patient symptoms section then we can find related
information in the other sections such as the drugs used
or further detailed analysis in the original Merck Manual.

Some images and illustrations are also there but these
are not extensive.

Some external links to resources are included but
need to be more widely spread throughout.

The tables are not easy to navigate.

Better cross linking of drugs mentioned in the references
to the Davis Drug guide would be appreciated.
The Merck Manual Suite

  • This is a convenient compilation of three useful resources from Unbound
    Medicine, The original Merck Manual + Davis Drug Guide + the new Merck with
    patient symptoms. See below for individual reviews of these.
  • Although all of these are not specifically pediatric resources but all of them
    incorporates very useful pediatric information and can be very handy in
    clinical practice.
  • The solution is also provided for the wireless and web for the same
    subscription price.
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The Merck Manual Suite includes
several  applications and in order to
maintain categorized reviews each
part was reviewed separately.
Click on the links shown on the right to
see reviews of these components.
Check out the Merck Manual Sections
Merck Manual
Davis Drug Guide
Patient Symptoms
Last Reviewed on February 15, 2009