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Grant Fraser (ER physician) wrote
the Medical Wizards and so you can
expect a program tailored to the
need of a busy ER physician where
what's needed is accessed in a
matter of seconds.
The single page where all modules
can be accessed is an
intelligent idea.
Also appropriately indexed and
a home link and a back link are
always there.
The Each of the modules is
referenced from trusted regulatory
institutes and high profile journals.
Last Reviewed on March 4, 2008

  • The Pedisuite is the ultimate collection of all the pediatric-useful modules
    available from Medical Wizards.
  • The simplicity of the interface and user-friendly navigation and the built-in
    calculator are outstanding features.
  • This is a must-have application for every pediatrician.
  • You can get everything from PALS/NALS to drug database to growth charts
    and even pediatric disease information!
  • The addition of drug interaction calculator and further detailed and illustrated
    pediatric info will make this app the most complete pediatric program.
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