Pocket Consult
    Installed here are the channels shown.
    PocketConsult updates itself whenever
    the PDA is synchronized with the

    A new service from Elsevier is
    the ability to send book contents from
    Student Consult accounts
    to PocketConsult Content Clipper.
    So finally we will
    have the Pediatric Secrets on
    our handhelds!
PocketConsult includes several  
applications that can be useful for the
pediatrician and because "Pda4peds"
reviews applications in categories, the
different sections were reviewed
separately in different categories.
Click on the links shown on the right to
see reviews of these channels
Reviews of Pocket Consult Different Channels
Nelson Pediatrics
Pediatric Secrets
Elsevier Journals
Last Reviewed on August 23, 2008

  • The Elsevier PDA service program, The Pocket Consult. An online service
    where we can manage the contents and install the selected channels onto
    our PDA.
  • Features include retrieving journal TOCs, news, alerts, drug database, drug
    interaction analyzer + clipping content from an Elsevier published book!
  • The interface is the Mobipocket Reader which is very easy to navigate and
    scroll and outstandingly comfortable to the reading eyes.
  • However there has been long time since the Pocket Consult was last
    updated and it seems that they don't care about it any more.
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