The home page includes a list of links to the
different resources available including statistics
calculators, a talking medical spanish dictionary,
some useful calculators, common pediatric problems,
and some others.

Being a completely free app that sports a nearly full
set of resources this should be one of the greatest apps
ever available but the problem, contrary to what we
thought, this was not updated since shortly after its
release, in fact it seems to be abandoned and USBMIS
does not answer support questions about it!

  • This is perhaps the first nearly complete all-in-one app that is available for
  • The good news is that it is rich in pediatric contents and it can be very useful
    for child health care professionals.
  • The idea is to create a community-driven PDA platform where ideas and
    suggestions from the users should be applied into the app.
  • It is completely free but it is ad supported, which is absolutely fine.
  • It delivers antibiotic index, pediatric tools, ER info, labs, a medical spanish
    dictionary and other very useful resources.
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Last Reviewed on April 15, 2009