The Harriet Lane is just like a
collection of notes taken by a smart
pediatric resident where practical
information that matters most at the
bedside is presented in an easy
to navigate user interface.

There is a special common neonatal dermatologic
problems section with
fantastic pictures and tables.

The algorithms
are very useful in arriving at a specific
diagnosis or in guiding us to the
appropriate management.
Harriet Lane - Neonatology
Last Reviewed on January 2, 2008

  • The new Harriet Lane from Skyscape includes a wonderful therapeutic and
    diagnostic section and a chapter on neonatology with all the diseases and
    conditions that we may face in neonatal practice.
  • The information is presented in the form of tables, boxes, figures, algorithms,
    and short highly practical monographs that target the busy junior and
    resident pediatrician.
  • This section of the Harriet Lane is absolutely enough for residents attending
    the NICU.
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