Very easy to use Palm interface where all data entries
are found in one single page with no need for
scrolling up and down.

We get calculators such as the risk of diaphragmatic
hernia and Nitric Oxide delivery which we had never seen in
any other PDA calculator.

However there is plenty of room for enhancements, iPhone and
Blackberry versions, more units adjustments, and
explanatory notes and references.
NICU Tools on PDA
Last Reviewed on March 30, 2009

  • This New Zealand based company has been offering a number of very useful
    online calculators for free and recently introduced a Palm version of those
    same calculators.
  • The calculators are highly specialized to NICU practice and reflect the true
    needs of neonatologists.
  • However the number of calculators [twelve] is small, and there should more
    calculators like an Apgar score and a bilirubin calculator.
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