• One of the useful calculators embedded in Skyscape Archimedes is the
    Glasgow Coma Scale.
  • Where we can the specially modified verbal response for non communicating
  • This is definitely useful at the bedside not only                                               
    as a calculator but also as a reminder of the frequently                               
    forgotten responses scale!
  • This program is also categorized in the Calculators & Tools                            
    and Pediatric Emergency categories.
Skyscape Archimedes Glasgow Coma Scale
The easy input
interface shown
in the left with
the specific pediatric
verbal response
and immediate total
shown at the bottom.
Tapping on the
question mark icon will
reveal information
as to how the
formula works
and how to
interpret the
total score (See Right).
Skyscape Archimedes Glasgow Coma Scale (pediatric score)
Skyscape Archimedes
Glasgow Coma Scale
Last Reviewed on January 13, 2007
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